Pick own cherries in the great outdoors! The sweet,
fully ripe cherries are superb!

About us
This cherry orchard grows over 1,500 trees that are a made up of 30 varieties of cherries. Because it is close to the Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa and the Lavender fields in Furano, it is a popular orchard where during the cherry picking season many tourists from abroad come to visit.
  • Locatin:Hokkaido, JAPAN
Our pleasure
It is our pleasure to see the smiles of the visitors from far away to Ohashi Cherry Farm.
If you feel "Delicious!" and enjoy the interaction with our staffs, we will be really happy.
Your smiles make us disappear the work's fatigue.
We care cherry trees throughout the year, but there is only about two months in one year to contact with visitors at Farm. If you could send us blogs and photos that were taken at our Farm by emails after your visit, it would be the happiest thing for all our staffs.
Any comment regarding our Farm will be welcomed. It will be the power we can enjoy our work. We are sorry. Please contact us in English only.

what is the characteristic of cherry-picking?

The characteristic of cherry-picking 1: The largest in Japan and all-weather type dome (47,000 square meters, larger than Tokyo Dome) You can enjoy the cherry-picking without influencing the weather.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 2: Cultivation of most cherries in Japan, 1500 trees and more than 30 varieties. You can compare eating lots of varieties from popular to new cherries. (Name tag is attached to all the trees)
The characteristic of cherry-picking 3: No time limited, A reservation is not needed. (※Groups of 20 or more will be required a reservation)
●Group reservation form Excel ●Group reservation form PDF
Please enjoy and eat cherries heartily.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 4: Low Tree-Form Culture We make trees low by original pruning method. So, even children can pick cherries easily.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 5: Silver Field For elderly and disabled visitors, we have a dedicated field, "Silver Field" near the entrance.
※ Silver Field is only for all-you-can-eat because of its limited area . If you want to take out cherries picked by yourself, please use General Field.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 6: The courtesy cars Farm is so large. We guide you in the courtesy cars at any time if it is needed.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 7: Arrangement the usher at all time in the field If you are looking for delicious and precious varieties, and other varieties, please feel free to ask to ushers in the field. Usher will explain how to select varieties as well as how to pick up cherries for mail order.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 8: Rotation "To be able to have ripe cherries at any time" We change the field to enter cherry-picking by rotation.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 9: Translation in each language We have many visitors from overseas. We are guiding them with using translation cards in English, traditional characters, simplified characters and Korean.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 10: the reasonable mail order You can send cherries picked by yourself at reasonable prices. As a gift and as Ochugen(Bon Festival gift) ... We will send cherries with your hearts. We are very sorry that delivery addresses are limited to inside Japan only.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 11: cheap admission fee Our Farm is so large and has lots of cherry trees. So we set the admission fee cheaply. Click here for cherry picking price.
The characteristic of cherry-picking 12: Others There is free parking for up to 500 vehicles. Installed a flush barrier-free toilet(portable toilets in the field) Rental mats, Rental chairs, A baby-changing table.

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