Pick own cherries in the great outdoors! The sweet,
fully ripe cherries are superb!

About us
This cherry orchard grows over 1,500 trees that are a made up of 30 varieties of cherries. Because it is close to the Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa and the Lavender fields in Furano, it is a popular orchard where during the cherry picking season many tourists from abroad come to visit.
  • Locatin:Hokkaido, JAPAN
Our pleasure
It is our pleasure to see the smiles of the visitors from far away to Ohashi Cherry Farm.
If you feel "Delicious!" and enjoy the interaction with our staffs, we will be really happy.
Your smiles make us disappear the work's fatigue.
We care cherry trees throughout the year, but there is only about two months in one year to contact with visitors at Farm. If you could send us blogs and photos that were taken at our Farm by emails after your visit, it would be the happiest thing for all our staffs.
Any comment regarding our Farm will be welcomed. It will be the power we can enjoy our work. We are sorry. Please contact us in English only.

What is the point of Ohashi Cherry Farm?

Everyone wants to have the delicious and safe food. I think every human being has this simple hope. But it becomes difficult to eat safety and security food in modern society. In Ohashi Cherry Farm, for many years we have continued to pursue about the safety to make visitors eat cherries at Field.
Point 1: Emotion in all living things As cherry trees grow quickly and healthily, we let cherries into gentle music.
Point 2: Return to the cherries what taken from them In our Farm, we made a fruit enzyme from fermented cherry fruit. By spraying it to cherry leaf surface, we make cherry trees enhance the natural healing power.
Point 3: A rich micro elements by pyroligneous acid We make a charcoal during the winter, and give the pyroligneous acid which we got from charcoal to cherry trees. We supply micro elements which is apt to be insufficient. It also protects from insects.
Point 4: Cut grass completely To cut glass completely, cherry fields is protected from insects.
Point 5: Deep-ocean mineral-rich water By supplying well-balanced nutrient to cherry trees, it becomes to grow healthy and be strong against insects and disease. Deep-ocean water includes rich mineral which is apt to be insufficient.
Point 6: Use of indigenous bacteria We culture the useful indigenous bacteria have settled in Hokkaido, Ashibetsu before thousands years, and protect cherries from harmful bacteria or virus.
Point 7: Make healthy with oxygen Cherry tree is the tree that requires a huge oxygen. In Ohashi Cherry Farm, from after harvest to before snow, we feed the oxygen in the soil.
Point 8: No chemical fertilizer It does not say all chemical fertilizers are bad, but from about 30 years ago we cultivate cherry trees with only the organic fertilizer. This is the best point of our Farm.
Point 9: Permanent farming with safety and security To protect cherries from insects and disease with minimizing use of chemical, and to provide the safety and security cherry-picking, we work various activities other than the above.

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