Pick own cherries in the great outdoors! The sweet,
fully ripe cherries are superb!

About us
This cherry orchard grows over 1,500 trees that are a made up of 30 varieties of cherries. Because it is close to the Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa and the Lavender fields in Furano, it is a popular orchard where during the cherry picking season many tourists from abroad come to visit.
  • Locatin:Hokkaido, JAPAN
Our pleasure
It is our pleasure to see the smiles of the visitors from far away to Ohashi Cherry Farm.
If you feel "Delicious!" and enjoy the interaction with our staffs, we will be really happy.
Your smiles make us disappear the work's fatigue.
We care cherry trees throughout the year, but there is only about two months in one year to contact with visitors at Farm. If you could send us blogs and photos that were taken at our Farm by emails after your visit, it would be the happiest thing for all our staffs.
Any comment regarding our Farm will be welcomed. It will be the power we can enjoy our work. We are sorry. Please contact us in English only.
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  • Sato-Nishiki・・・from mid-July
Sato-Nishiki The most well-known cherries, Sato-Nishiki is the main variety in Yamagata Prefecture. This has good balance of acidity and sweetness, so Sato-Nishiki is a typical and popular variety in Ohashi Cherry Farms. Sato-Nishiki cherries are planted about 300 trees in Farms, they are also very popular in cherry picking.
  • Beni-Shuho・・・from late-July
Beni-Shuho Beni-Shuho cherries are hard to find in the market much yet, but recommended varieties. This is a size larger than Sato-Nishiki, and filling. Cherries have dark red with slightly mottled. Although its appearance is not good as Sato-Nishiki, its taste is outstanding. The balance of sweetness, acidity and the bitter is very good. And it is a rich taste. In addition, cherries are ideal for mail order, because they are hard. We have the all-you-can-eat field of Beni-Shuho about 2 days to 1 year. (Every year is the weekend of the second half of July) This is very popular.
  • Nanyo・・・ from late-July
Nanyo This is large and pink. When people see it first time, they are surprised at its size and taste. Nanyo is called "the king of cherries". It is a high-grade variety with perfect size, flavor and luster. We have all-you-can-eat "field of Nanyo" in Farms. There are a lot of visitors every year.
  • Gassan-Nishiki・・・from late-July
Gassan-Nishiki This Variety is very popular. Gassan-Nishik has very high sugar content and no acidity. It is very popular especially in women. But it is hard to fine Gassan-Nishik in the market, because it is difficult to grow up.
  • Summit・・・ from late-July
Summit The flesh is hard and large. Purple varieties.
  • Homare-Nishiki・・・from early-August
Homare-Nishiki This is original varieties of Ohashi Cherry Farms. Family predecessor (Mr. Ohashi Masaru) discovered by chance in more than 50 years ago. Homare-Nishiki has good balance of acidity and sweetness, and hard flesh. It is suitable for mail order. It starts to be ripen after August 5.
  • Stackgold・・・from early-August
さくらんぼ「スタックゴールド」 Despite the age-old varieties, Stackgold is not well known. This does not have sugar content as much as Gassan-Nishiki, but it is popular because of its rareness. Stackgold starts to be ripen after August 5 at Farms.
Cherry kind explanation  |0102030405|06|

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